CBSE tenth Science Solved Observe Paper for Time period 2 Examination 2022| Greatest for Final Minute Revision

CBSE Class 10 college students should clear up the apply paper offered right here to study time administration and revise necessary ideas for the CBSE Class 10 Science Time period 2 Examination 2022. 

CBSE Observe Paper 2021-22: CBSE Class 10 Science Time period 2 Paper might be carried out on tenth Could, 2022. Proper now could be the time to revise all that you’ve got studied throughout your examination preparations. To do that successfully, clear up as many apply papers and pattern papers as potential. Contemplating the necessity of the hour, Jagran Josh presents right here an unique apply paper for CBSE Class tenth to assist college students gear up their preparations for the Time period 2 Examination. This apply paper is ready by skilled lecturers. That is totally based mostly on the sample of the newest CBSE Class 10 Science Time period 2 Pattern Paper. The answer of the apply paper can also be made obtainable for the comfort of scholars. Each the apply papers and options may be downloaded in PDF format.

New! CBSE Class 10 Science Time period 2 Paper Writing & Time Administration Ideas by Consultants

CBSE Class 10 Science Observe Paper for Time period   2 Examination 2022:

Max. Marks: 40

Time allowed: 2 hours

Common Directions:

i) All questions are obligatory.

ii) The query paper has three sections and 15 questions. All questions are

iii) Part–A has 7 questions of two marks every; Part–B has 6 questions of three marks every; and Part–C has 2 case-based questions of 4 marks every.

iv) Inner selections have been offered in some questions. A scholar has to try solely one of many alternate options in such questions.

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Part A

1. Research the desk given beneath fastidiously and reply the questions.

(a) Which component is a nonmetal with valency 1?

(b) Which component makes solely covalent bond?

(c) Which component has the biggest atomic radius?

(d) Write the digital configuration of the component C

2. How does binary fission differ from a number of fission? Give one distinction between the binary fission in amoeba and leishmania?

3. Girl had undergone surgical methodology for stopping undesirable pregnancies. Does this defend her from getting sexually transmitted illnesses? Write some other two contraceptive strategies.

4.Write any two limitations of Mendeleev’s periodic desk and the way these defects are rectified in Fashionable periodic desk?

5. Clarify the mechanism by which the chromosome quantity is maintained fixed in human beings?


With the assistance of appropriate instance, clarify characters could also be inherited, however might not be expressed all the time.

6. A coil of insulated copper wire is related to a galvanometer. What is going to occur if a bar magnet is

(a) pushed into the coil?

(b) withdrawn from contained in the coil?

Give motive additionally.


Identify any 2 components on which the power of the magnetic subject produced by a solenoid relies upon? How does it depend upon these components?

7. Clarify with the assistance of an instance, why the variety of trophic ranges in a meals chain is restricted?


A meals chain consists of fish, larvae, phytoplankton and birds. The extent of pesticides in water wherein these organisms dwell is excessive.

(a) Which organism can have the utmost quantity of pesticides accrued by the meals chain and what’s this course of often called?

(b) Write the meals chain comprising all of the organisms talked about above.

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