What’s the universe? | Stay Science

The universe is actually every part, the sum of all existence. It consists of all matter, like stars and galaxies. The universe additionally consists of all radiation and all different types of vitality. Irrespective of the place or once you exist, you’re part of the universe, as is every part you expertise. There may be nothing outdoors the universe, as a result of something that exists is mechanically included within the definition of the universe.

How previous is the universe, and is it increasing?

Our greatest understanding of the historical past of the universe comes from the Massive Bang idea. Observations of distant galaxies reveal that every one galaxies are, on common, shifting away from each different galaxy. Astronomers interpret this movement to imply that the universe itself is increasing; on the very largest scales, the distances between galaxies develop with time. This implies that previously, the universe was smaller, hotter and denser than it’s right now.

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